About James Harding

Hi, I’m James Harding a UK-based Technical Customer Success Manager, Charity Volunteer and aspiring writer.

I am a certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM), a registered member of the Chartered Institute for I.T (MBCS) and a member of the Institute for Engineering and Technology.

Academically I have a Masters in Data Analytics and Project Management as well as a 1st Class degree in Computing.

Customer Success is a passion of mine and I am involved in a number of UK and US CS communities. I enjoy building strong relationships with clients and working with them to achieve their outcomes.

Clients I have worked with vary from Entrepreneurs, SMB’s & Not-For-Profits to large Enterprises and Fortune 500 Global Organisations. I have experience working across many industries and verticals including; SaaS, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Cloud, Retail, Manufacturing, Global Industry, Premiership Football Teams, National Sports Teams, Utility Providers, Household Brands, Finance and many others.


In recent years I have become more and more concerned about the environment and my impact on it. With my increased concern has come the increase in my activity to reduce it. From recycling more such as crisp packets, toothpaste tubes, ink cartridges, and alike. Reducing single plastic purchases where possible, not using carrier bags, and eco-friendly wrapping paper. I have also changed suppliers of a number of items and services to use providers who use environmentally friendly sources, use renewable energy providers, or have strong carbon reduction principles and road maps. Even this website is now part of the Green Web.

James Harding Writing

I am relatively new to writing and still very much finding my way. At present, my writing attempts are largely about tech, dogs, customer success, customer engagement, Only Fools and Horses, and other random topics.

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