After Henry Filming Locations

In this post, on request, we take a look at After Henry Filming Locations. The British TV comedy that originally aired between 1988 and 1992.

After Henry House - TV Show Location
After Henry House – TV Show Location

After Henry House Filming Location

Probably the most important external location of the series is the family home of Sarah France. A large Edwardian house in the fictional London suburb of Stipton. This one took some detective work to locate but was finally located in Twickenham

The exterior shots of the house were filmed at 7 St George’s Road, Twickenham. Despite being over thirty years since the sitcom was filmed, very little has changed. The metal stairs can still even be found on the right of the building.

The Sycamores Filming Location

‘Eventide Home for Retired Gentlefolk’ is our second location. More commonly known as The Sycamores.

The Sycamores Retirement Home Building Location
The Sycamores Retirement Home Building Location

The exterior shots of The Sycamores were filmed at this private residence on St Peter’s Road, Twickenham. A stone’s throw away from the main house location.

Bygone Books

Bygone Books, the workplace of Sarah and Russell. The not very successful second-hand bookshop.

After Henry, Bygone Books Shop Location
After Henry, Bygone Books Shop Location

The exterior shots of the Bookshop were filmed on Thames Ditton High Street.

George & Dragon

During the first episode, Sarah goes to the George and Dragon pub. This was also filmed in Thames Ditton. The pub is a few doors away from the location of Bygone Books. The George and Dragon is still in operation today. (It has good trip advisor ratings too).

George & Dragon Pub Thames Ditton
George & Dragon Pub Thames Ditton

Elliot Godfrey Pharmacy

After Henry Filming Locations
Elliott Godfrey Pharmacy

Thames Ditton was also home to the external shots of the pharmacy. This one is even still a working pharmacy, just now owned by Boots.

After Henry Filming Locations

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4 thoughts on “After Henry Filming Locations”

  1. Thank you. I holidayed at Thames Dutton because I loved the show, the Edwardian house actually.
    So next stop, Twickenham.

    The Thames D B&B lady told me the bookshop is now Stitchery, which was closed during my short stay.

  2. Thank you for solving the mystery of where the France house is! I’ve been trying to find it for a few years – but you’ve done the hard work for me. Superb work.

    Also, opposite ‘Bygone Books’ on Thames Ditton High Street is an estate agents, Aldous Craig, the front of which doubled for a hat shop that Eleanor went into called “Les Chapeaux de Marie” (although I can’t remember in which episode).


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