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Choices Video / Choices UK and Home Entertainment Corporation
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Back in 2004, I undertook my first Store Manager role as Manager of ChoicesUK (Choices Video) in Cambridge, followed by Choices Newmarket, and finally Choices St Ives (Cambridgeshire) where I spent most of my time. In total, I worked for Choices Video / Choices UK and Home Entertainment Corporation between 2004 and 2007. In 2007 the business sadly fell into administration and was subsequently dissolved.

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Below are a collection of images with relation to Choices in order to keep that memory alive. If you have any photos from Choices days please feel free to share.

Choices Video / Choices UK and Home Entertainment Corporation Memories

I, and I am sure most people who worked there do, have so many awesome memories from my choices days. Largely the people I worked with, but also memories of ‘Cascade’ phone calls, 2 for £2 on popcorn, 2 Ice Creams for £5, and many a late night peeling of 3 for £15 promotion stickers.

Home Entertainment Head Office, Peterborough


Over the years Choices had a number of websites, including Choices Video, Choices Direct, HEC Choices PLC, Mosaic Entertainment, Choices UK TV, and Movie Choices.

Choices UK TV

Choices UK also launched a TV channel on Sky TV in 2005. However, this only lasted 9 months and closed in May 2006.

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Choices Video Application Form (221 downloads )

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2 thoughts on “Choices Video / Choices UK and Home Entertainment Corporation”

  1. Hi!

    Nice collection of pictures and memories! I worked for Choices Video between ’98 and 2000 and managed two of the stores in Norwich, namely Thorpe St. Andrew and Dereham Road. It was equal amounts of fun and pressure but all these years later, I’ve come to grow fond of the time I spent there and, as you say, the people we worked with.

    It was an interesting time as we began the transition from VHS to DVD and saw the advent of some amazing video game technology. I recall midnight openings for the PS2 and Dreamcast! And we did a few of those for big ticket movies too. Saving Private Ryan and Titanic spring to mind.

    I was on the buying team so made plenty of trips to Orton Southgate HQ.

    Do you recall John Partridge? I took over from him at Dereham Rd. when he left to manage the St. Ives branch. I believe he then went on to head office in some kind of managerial role. And Gary Knowles, the Area Manager! Big motorbike fan. I heard he’d had a nasty accident some years ago.

    Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I hated the 84 hour weeks but did love the friendship and camaraderie 🙂


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