AWS Generative AI

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a very topical subject at the minute. If you have been to any type of business or technical conference in the first half of this year you will have likely detected an undertone of Generative AI in the topics discussed. Whilst it seems the catalyst to the rise in prominence of Generative AI was ChatGPT, AWS Generative AI has been a focus of Amazon for a number of years.

Generative AI at Amazon

Amazon has been using Generative within its business for over 20 years. From suggesting suitable products to consumers on their website, optimising robotic picking routes within their warehouses or within its Amazon Go retail units (1).

AWS Generative AI and Machine Learning (ML) has also been embedded in many of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and services for a number of years, services such as Amazon Lookout for Equipment and Amazon Sagemaker are prime examples of this. However, this year AWS has expanded on their Generative AI offerings, particularly in terms of services to help product owners, business owners, start-ups and Entrepreneurs take advantage of Generative AI within their products and services both quickly and cost efficiently.

AWS Generative AI

Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock enables you to rapidly develop, build and scale your own Generative AI applications. Allowing you to take full advantage of AWS’s Foundation Models (FM) via their API without the need for any infrastructure management (2).

Amazon CodeWhisperer

CodeWhisperer can generate all manners of code from small snippets to complete functions in real time. Having been trained on billions of lines of code, it will analyse existing code and comments to optimise your coding, and help you to accelerate your coding and time to market (3).

These are just two examples, there are a number of key Generative AI services that have been launched by AWS this year and sometimes it can be hard to fully comprehend the best set of services to both achieve your business goals but also ensure your solution is cost optimised.

AWS has an extensive live of Service Partners who can help provide guidance on the right selection of services to achieve your business goals, and ensure you architecture is both secure and cost optimised.



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