Five must-watch Youtube Documentaries

I love a good documentary and have come across a number really good recently. Here are five must-watch Youtube Documentaries that are free to watch.

Love on the Transplant List 

Love on the Transplant List is a BBC Three documentary that follows cystic fibrosis sufferer Kirstie as she waits for a double lung transplant. It follows her on her journey during which she plans her and prepares for her wedding with her husband Stuart.

Buried Alive – Chile Mine Rescue

In 2010 the world was grasped by the story of 33 miners trapped more than half a mile underground in a mine in Chile. There were no signs of life for 17 days. After signs of life were detected it took a further 52 days to reach them. This amazing documentary filmed at the time, follows the journey from the accident through to the miners rescue.

Chernobyl – Surviving Disaster

In 1985 the world saw its worst Nuclear Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant. This BBC documentary revisits the moments building up to the accident and the investigation afterwards.

The Truth About Payday Loans

BBC documentary into the rise of payday loan companies in the UK. Filmed in 2017 but still very relevant.

Christmas on the English Coast (The Hotel)

The Hotel was a Channel 4 series which documented life at some of the UK’s most unique Hotels. Series 3 and 4 took place at The Grosvenor, Torquay with owner Mark Jenkins. The Christmas special saw Mark looking after at not just one but three fully occupied hotels.

Can you recommend a good documentary?

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