Where is Holby City Hospital?

Holby is a TV Drama created by the BBC. A spin-off of the long-running BBC Drama Casualty, Holby City follows the lives of the staff in some of the main hospital wards.


The Hospital is located in the fictitious city of Holby. However, the building used for the hospital building is located at BBC Elstree Centre Studios, in Borehamwood. The internal scenes are also filmed at BBC Elstree Centre Studios.

Holby Hospital Towerblock – Middle Top


BBC Elstree is a closed set, therefore you are not able to street-view around the location. However, if you Streetview around the outside of the studios, you can see the Hospital Building in the distance.

In the above Street View, you can see the block (top left). The second tower block (to the right) was used as the exterior location of Walford Towers in Eastenders.

Fun fact, the tower block that now houses Holby Hospital used to act as the famous Grange Hill Lower school in the early series. Eastenders is also filmed at BBC Elstree.

Holby due to end

The BBC announced in 2021 that Holby city will end in 2022, at the end of the 23rd series. Ending 23 years of Holby on our TV.

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