Virtual Charity Christmas Gifts?

With further restrictions coming into force in the fight against Covid-19 it is likely going to be a Christmas like no other. Family get togethers, work parties and the annual friend meetups are looking more unlikely by the day. Online retailers and delivery companies are preparing themselves for the biggest online festive period to date. But could 2020 be the year of virtual charity christmas gifts?

In a previous post found here, I talked about how by doing your Christmas shopping with Charity shops (in store and online) you could save yourself some money while helping support an amazing cause. Charities are seeing a huge drop in income at a time where they are seeing unprecedented demand. Have you thought and considered virtual gifts?

Virtual Charity Christmas Gifts

Virtual Charity Christmas Gifts make for a great gift to give someone at anytime, but even more so this Christmas. Give someone the gift of a donation on their behalf to support a Charity that you know is important to them. This could be a direct donation to a charity in the normal form, or by purchasing a digital product like those shown below from The Mayhew.

The Mayhew Animal Charity Virtual GIfts

There are thousands of charities across the UK that do amazing work. Find one that you know is important to the recipient, or important to you. I have listed some below that offer virtual gifts, but where these aren’t offered, you can still make a direct donation and create your own virtual card to give.

Charities with Virtual Gifts

If you would like to add to this list, please comment below.

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