How Charity Shops are adapting to the impact of Covid-19?

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Question 1 – E-commerce Training

How Charity Shops are adapting to the impact of Covid-19?
Question 1

In July 2020 eBay launched ‘Charity Connect’, a free six month training course for charities on how to get the most out of eBay. What other free or low cost training is available for Charity Shops to build an online sales channel?

Question 2 – Donation Methods

British Heart Foundation
Question 2

In June the British Heart Foundation Launched ‘Item Donation by Free Post’. What other methods could charity shops adopt to make donating items more accessible and safer for both staff and customers?

  • British Heart Foundation – Donate Items via Free Post.
  • Booking appointment slots over the phone in advance. @charityretailco
  • Getting donated warehouse space where donors can drive in safely. @charityretailco
  • Having set days for donations. @charityretailco
  • Encouraging donors to sell items on eBay & donate proceeds. @charityretailco

Question 3 – New Audiences

Second-hand Items Online
Question 3

Charities who already sell second-hand items online such as sense are expanding their reach to new audiences using trending apps such as ‘Depop’ and ‘Vintage’. What other platforms do you think offer an opportunity to increase charity shop sales either physically or digitally?

Digital Platforms

Tip: There are also a number of solutions out there such as Shopiago that enable you to manage your listings on multiple platforms from one location.

Physical Platforms
  • Highlighting new arrivals on local Facebook groups can help bring people into store.
  • When selling on local online platforms, offer (Collect From Store) to save on postage but bring the virtual customer into the store at an allocated time.

Question 4 – Donation Management

Charity Shop Donations
Question 4

In June, when charity shops re-opened they saw a big increase in donations. In the warmer months many resorted to using outside space as overflow to store, process and quarantine donations. What can Charity Shops do to manage donation limits in the current climate without disappointing customers wanting to make a donation?

  • Accept donations by appointment only. Appointments possibly booked by a volunteer working from home or in a back room.
  • Accept donations by appointment only. Booked Online. Although more resources to are needed to setup, it could be an efficient way of booking donation appointments and educating the customer on what items will be accepted. Try Calendly
  • Accept donations by appointment booked in store.

Question 5 – Charity Shop Volunteers

How Charity Shops are adapting to the impact of Covid-19?
Question 5.

Many charity shops have struggled with staffing due to volunteers shielding. In June the charity retail association launched a new ‘Volunteering Matching Service‘ in collaboration with Wil-U. What other support is available to help charity shops recruit new volunteers?


In conclusion, the Charity Retail sector has been hit hard by Covid-19. Charities are having to adapt to an ever changing situation at a time where they are seeing increased demand for their services. Some Government and Organisation support has come out but more is needed. Charity retail and charities in general really need the support of the public more than ever. Be that in volunteering, donating good quality items, donating money or just by being respectful to staff and volunteers when shopping or utilising charity services.

I hope you enjoyed this discussion on How Charity Shops are adapting to the impact of Covid-19. I will be updating this post with all the feedback from tonight’s discussion. If there is anything you would like to add, please feel free to comment below or get in touch.

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