Fresh Fields Filming Locations

In this post we explore the tv sitcom Fresh Fields Filming Locations. The British series starring Julia McKenzie (Hester Fields) and Anton Rodgers (William Fields) was originally broadcast between 1984 and 1986

The program focuses on William and Hester Fields who live in Barnes, London. William is an accountant while Hester is a housewife who likes to fill her time with new interests as well as working part-time n Lucy’s Kitchen

The Fields House

Despite in the show, William and Hester reference their house multiple time being in Barnes, London, the house use for the exterior of the Fields Home was actually located a short journey from Teddington Studies on Hampton Road, Teddington.

Hampton Road, Teddington

Institute of Adult Education

Hester was regularly seen going to the Institute of Adult Education to attend a class or learn a new hobby. The building used for the Institute of Adult Education is shown below and is on Hollyfield Road, Surbiton.

Hollyfield Road, Surbiton, England

Lucy’s Kitchen Filming Location

In the sitcom Hester works part-time at Lucy’s Kitchen. The exterior for Lucy’s Kitchen is located at 112 Alexandra Drive, Surbiton and is currently occupied by Berrylands Pet Food.

112 Alexandra Drive, Surbiton


In the first episode we see an active Hester jog past William while he is sat in traffic. This was filmed on Oxford Road, Teddington as shown below.

In Gear Shop

In Series 1 Episode 2 we see Hester buying some new clothes to make her appear younger for a job interview. She purchased the clothes from In Gear which is currently a take away as shown below on Church Street, Twickenham.

13 Church Street, Twickenham

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