Terry & June Filming Locations

Terry & June Filming Locations looks at locations used in the classic BBC television sitcom starring Terry Scott and June Whitfield. Originally broadcast on BBC1 between 1979 and 1987 the sitcom was largely filmed at BBC studios with external locations largely in and around Sutton, South London.

Terry and June’s House Filming Location

In the first episode Terry and June move into 26 Elmtree Avenue, Purley, Surrey. The actual house used for the external filming of this property was located at 4 The Avenue, Sutton, Surrey.

Original House Location

In the second episode of series 2, Terry and June are moving out of their old house to make the move to Elmtree Avenue. In fact the externals of their old house were filmed at 8 Shirley Avenue, only a street away from the new house location in Sutton.

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6 thoughts on “Terry & June Filming Locations”

  1. Lovely to see this. One of my favorite TV shows! I always wanted to know which office block was used in the Flying Carpets episode – where they use the window washer’s trolley. Anybody knows?

  2. I worked with June on Last of the Summer Wine.
    A really lovely lady.
    She bought me a hamburger at Shepperton Studios when we were filming there.

  3. Great to see all these photos from back in the era of Terry and June. At this time I was a kid living at 6 Shirley Avenue and in my holidays I watched them film the outside scenes and met the actors and crew set up in front of my house in Cheam. On one occasion the catering staff sent me and my best mate on an errand to get some supplies, when we return he said come back later tonight for steak and chips as a thank you. Good times


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