Mr Bean Filming Locations

Mr Bean is a classic British comedy starring Rowan Atkinson. Although only 15 episodes were made Mr Bean was a household name in 90s with episodes sold to 245 territories across the world. In this post we look at some of the Mr Bean Filming Locations used.

Mr Bean’s Flat

In a couple of episodes we see the outside of Mr Bean’s Flat. The exterior location of Mr Bean’s flat was filmed on The Avenue, Surbiton, London.

Where is Mr Bean's Flat?
The Avenue, Surbiton, London

The Return of Mr Bean

In the opening of this episode we see Mr Bean join a busker and dance in order to raise a donation which he can then donate to the busker as he has no change. This was filmed on Marsh Farm Road, Twickenham.

The Curse of Mr. Bean Filming Locations

The Swimming Pool

Hayes Swimming Pool played host to Mr Bean and his swimming and driving antics. Unfortunately this building has since been demolished but has been previously captured by Google Street view as shown below.

The Car Park

The car park at Heathrow Bowl was used to film the scenes of Mr Bean parking for the swimming pool. Although its surroundings have changed a lot over the years, the car park itself has changed very little.

Mr Bean Goes To Town

Mr Bean goes on a visit to town. Having a desperate urge to scratch his foot he takes his shoe off, places it on the roof of an adjacent car and has a scratch. But no sooner has a taken his eyes of his shoe, the car moves with his shoe still on the roof.

In the episode we see Mr Bean attempt to buy a single shoe from a Barratts show shop.

The show shop no longer exists, however the building is now a White Stuff shop located in Kingston Upon Thames as shown below.

The Trouble with Mr Bean

In ‘Trouble with a Mr Bean’ we see him pay a trip to the dentist.

The external location used for the dentist was 20 Gloucester Road, Teddington, London.

Tee Off Mr Bean

Mr Bean ventures out to play some crazy golf. It starts well but soon Mr Bean is chasing his ball off the course and down the street.

The crazy golf course used in the episode remains open today. It even has many of the same obstacles as it did when filming took place. The crazy gold course is located in Riverside Gardens, Maidenhead.

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