Google Ads grants for charities

If you are a UK registered charity you could be eligible for a grant of up to $10,000 a month to spend on Google Ads. Google ads grants for charities provides registered charities all over the world with grants to use on text based adverts on their platform.

If you have registered charity status and a website for your charity, you can apply for a Google Ads Grant by clicking here.

Google Ads grants for charities

How can Google Ads help your charity

With a Google Ads Grant you will be able to show custom written adverts on Google. These will then show when your set criteria is met. For example, you might want to show a donation advert when someone searches for ‘support local charities’.

Support local charities

In this example, the first advert that appears is one to make a direct donation to the British Heart Foundation.

You may want to target more specific search phrases to increase your chances of converting a user to make a donation. For example, if you are an animal charity you might want to target the search phrase ‘donate to an animal shelter’, like Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the RSPCA have done in the below example.

Google ads for animal charities
Google ads for animal charities

Do you need a grant to run targeted Google Ads?

You can run Google Ads without a grant, but you would need to pay for the adverts. The cost of the adverts vary’s depending on the words and phrases you want to target. Popular phrases such as ‘make a donation’ are likely to be more expensive than less popular phrases such as ‘make a donation in Leeds’.

As an example, to appear on the first page of results for ‘make a donation’ you might be charged at a rate of 70p per click. Meaning each time a user searches for this search phrase and clicks on your advert, you would be billed 70p. You can set a budget in place to control spending.

To setup a Google Ads campaign now, without the grant click here.


If you are a registered charity with a website, I recommend you signing up to Google Ads Grants. Google Ads grants are a brilliant way of quickly reaching a new audience with no cost.

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James Harding

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