On The Up Filming Locations

On The Up was a BBC sitcom starring Dennis Waterman as self-made millionaire Tony Carpenter. The sitcom aired for 3 series in the early 1990s. In this post, we take a walk through some of the key, On The Up Filming Locations.

Tony Carpenter’s Mansion

In the comedy, Tony Carpenter lives in a mansion located in the upper-class Esher district of Surrey. There he lives with Maggie, Sam, Mrs. Wembley, and occasionally his wife Ruth and his mum.

Although in the sitcom the On The Up house is located in Esher, the property used for filming is actually located in nearby Weybridge.

The property is located on the private road of South Road, St Georges Hill, Weybridge.

Weybridge doubles as Esher

Throughout the sitcom, Weybridge doubles as Esher for a lot of external filming locations. Such as the Travel shop from the end of series 1.

Dawn, Maggie, Mrs Wembley Dress Shopping

In series 1, Maggie and Mrs Wembley take Dawn dress shopping for a promotional event to advertise Tony’s car business.

Currently, the clothes shop is occupied by a Travel shop.

Stephanie’s School

In most episodes, Stephanie is away at a Private School. However, the location of the private school is actually one of the few parts of the show filmed in Esher.

Claremont Fan Court School, Esher was used as the location of Stephanie’s school.

Tony’s Mum Visiting Coral

In Series 2, Sam takes Tony’s mum to a Coral betting shop. This was filmed on Weybridge High Street. The building is now currently empty.

Coral Betting Shop
High Street, Weybridge

On The Up Filming Locations

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you know of any other filming locations from this sitcom, please comment below.

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3 thoughts on “On The Up Filming Locations”

  1. Hello James,

    Thanks for these details. I knew most of them but not the Travel Agent.

    I can help you out with about 5 more locations for this programme. I fondly it being broadcast and have nostalgicly been watching the DVD set.

    I can’t remember the lady who Tony got very friendly with, but her house (in Cobham in the programme where he took her lost earring back to) is in Oaklands Drive in Weybridge. It’s about the fourth on the left heading North just before the left turn. The older view option shows the garage as it was in the programme. This has now gone and become part of the house as you’ll see. The area looked very different in the programme as the ground was covered in snow, the trees were smaller and also had no leaves as it was winter.

    The Chinese Resturant they went to is in Gerrards Cross in Oak End Way. Look for a 1960s building with 5 widows along the top. The Oldest Streetview still shows a shadow of the name it had in the programme.

    The Bull Hotel/Inn where Tony, Sam & Dawn collect some passengers is also in Gerrards Cross, – you’ll have to Google it. It’s still called The Bull.

    Tony and Dawn went fishing in just by the side of Denham Deep Lock where the Grand Union Canal goes over a river.

    The pub where Tony and Sam go to for a pint is The Wheatsheaf on Esher Green.

    Although most of the interier house scenes were done in the studio, the actuall hall, stairs and landing of the location house were used as this made continutiy easier. The dining room of the house was also used in a couple of programmes. I have sometimes thought that the real lounge was used once or twice but aren’t sure about this.

  2. A correction to my last post, ‘Oaklands Drive’ should read ‘Churchil Drive’.


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