Studying for a Masters while working full time

So after a little bit of dithering, next week I start studying for a Masters while working full time. For those of you who know me, I studied for my Bachelors while working full time and remarkably got a first. Hopefully, this will go just as well but conscious the level is higher, and the work will be more demanding.

MSc Data Analytics and Project Management

So as a Technical CSM, both Data Analytics and Project Management feature in some shape or form in my normal working day. Both are two aspects of the role that I thoroughly enjoy but know I can become better in these areas. In many ways, these two job attributes work hand in hand, as good Project Management relies on good data and good metrics.

Originally, I was looking at studying for an MSc in Digital Transformation, however, in hindsight, this would have been a bit too broad. Focusing on Data Analytics, and Project Management enables me to target my studying on not only two areas that I know I can improve on, but are two areas that are key to so many roles.

Outside of my core job role, both of these are two skills that I use heavily in my volunteer role for Acorn Cancer Support Group.

Remote studying for a Masters

I will be studying remotely through Arden University for the Master’s. Although it’s now been a few years since I completed my degree, the majority of my degree was studied remotely. (With the exception of exams.) Hopefully not too much has changed and I will fall back into the studying rhythm.

From past experience, you do have to be very disciplined. This is especially the case if you are also working from home. It is so easy to work an extra hour or so to finish something for work. Delaying your studying or making your nights even longer. Likewise, you also need to ensure that you have a good work, study, and life balance. Take regular breaks, exercise, eat well, sleep well and ensure you spend time with family and friends, all be it reduced.

It’s going to be hard work studying for a Masters while working full time, but… I’ve got this!

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