Successful Seven: What is the charity sector known for?

What is the charity sector known for?

What were you doing 7 years ago? I (Tahera Mayat) was working at Fox’s Biscuits and hosted the inaugural #CharityHour on Wednesday 26th February 2014. The rest as they say is history! In answer to the first question you may be thinking, yes, you get free biscuits. And the second question: what is #CharityHour? This … Read more

IoT in the Charity Sector

IoT in the Charity Sector

Internet of Things (IoT), for those unfamiliar with the term, is the concept of connecting any device to the internet and other connected devices. IoT is seeing large-scale adoption in the commercial, industrial, agricultural sectors as well as in the home. Everything from smart speakers, doorbell cameras, and smart energy meters. So is it time … Read more

Could 2021 be the time for charities to scale down their central London Head Offices?

Could post 2021 be the time for big charities to consider scaling down their central London Head Offices?

It will likely come as no surprise that a number of the UK’s biggest charities operate out of offices in Central London. Some offer a vital service from the same location, so in some cases such as rehoming centres, it totally makes sense. But for those charities who have no physical services running from their … Read more

Jack’s Supermarket Charity Scheme

Jack's Supermarket Charity Scheme

Launched in 2018, Jack’s Supermarket Charity Scheme is operated by Jack’s Supermarkets, part of the Tesco family. Named after Tesco founder Jack Cohen, Jack’s Supermarkets are seen as a cut price alternative to Tesco, but with products of the same quality. Since Jack’s launch in 2018 the sub-company of Tesco has continued to grow. Jack’s … Read more