A competition a day for a year

Back in 2017 I made a new years resolution that I actually stuck too. That was to enter a competition a day for a year. The only other rule was that entry had to be free to enter. I got the idea after reading about a lady in England who entered and won so many competitions, she had actually left her job to enter competition entries as a full time role.

At the time she was entering between 300 and 400 competitions a week. I had no time or desire to enter anywhere near that level, but I was interested in testing it out on a small scale.

How did it go and what did I win?

It went reasonably well. Considering I only entered around 500 competitions (a few days I entered more than one) across the whole year, I did win a small number of prizes. These were

£100 Gift Voucher for Online Children’s Toys Website

2 X Tickets for an Aled Jones Concert

2 x Dirty Dancing Theatre Tickets

8 x Kitkat Mugs

How to find Free to enter UK Competitions?

There are a couple of different ways that I found free to enter competitions. These vast majority that I entered I found either the Competition Database, or through Twitter. However, I did find some local competitions in my local area that were quite successful.

Competition Database’s are good, but local competitions give you far better odd’s. Both the Aled Jones and Dirty Dancing tickets that I won were from the same local review website. The downside to competition databases is there are a lot of people using them.

A competition a day starts today

So starting from today (13th August 2020) I am undertaking the challenge to enter at least one competition a day for the next year. I will provide regular updates to this section of my blog, so make sure you come back. If you have any tips or are thinking about attempting the challenge yourself, please comment below.

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