Free National Lottery Entries

Personally, I am not a fan of the National Lottery but understand why millions of UK residents take part in the Lotto each week. But did you know you can enter the UK’s National Lottery without parting with any money? Here is a simple way to get regular and free National Lottery Entries.

Search Lotto

Search Lotto was launched in 2010 and enables its search engine users to obtain free syndicate ticket entries to the Lotto draws or Euromillions. All you have to do is register for a free Search Lotto account and switch to use their search engine. For every 25 searches that you complete on Search Lotto, you get entry into the next draw of your choice.

The entry ticket you are allocated is part of a syndicate, each syndicate lottery entry is limited to 20 people for the UK Lotto and 25 for Euro Millions. Any winnings on the lottery entry are split equally between the syndicate members.

Search Engine

Free National Lottery Entries

Although branded as Search Lotto, the search engine is actually powered by Yahoo/Bing search engines. Meaning you will get good and trusted search results. I completed a few test searches and found the results to be good quality.

Free National Lottery Entries – Is it genuine?

Yes… I tested out this service a few years back. Although none of the tickets I was allocated won any money, you do get genuine tickets once you have reached the search levels. You just can’t pick winning numbers …. haha

Did you know you can also earn rewards from using Bing?

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