Only Fools And Horses Filming Locations Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition was the second episode within the third series of Only Fools and Horses. The episode see’s Rodney, tired of taking orders from Del, go it alone as a trader. Not totally alone though as he decides to team up with the one and only Mickey Pearce.

The episode was largely filmed at BBC studies London using internal sets from, Del and Rodney’s flat, The Nags Head and the Indian Restaurant. External filming did take place for a few scenes in Uxbridge and the village of Tarrant Hinton.

The Auction – “They’re broken lawnmower engines.”

During the episode Rodney with his new business partner Mickey go to the local engines where they bump into Del. Del offers Rodney some advice but Rodney being Rodney thinks he can out smart Del. The end result… Rodney and Mickey buy a batch of broken Lawn Mower Engines.

Rodney, Mickey and Del at the Auction

The auction and the lawnmower scene were files at ‘The Village Hall, Tarrant Hinton, Dorset’. The building still stands today, with the grounds of the garage next door being used for the handover of the broken lawnmower engines.

Del and his Dog Toys

The first scenes of the episode were filmed outside, Randalls Department Store, Vine Street, Uxbridge. The location resulted in some well-known Only Fools and Horses Bloopers. (In the second pane of glass from the right you can see the reflection of the microphone boom.) Next time you watch this scene, keep your eyes on the reflections in the window.

Only Fools And Horses Filming Locations Healthy Competition

Randalls has been closed a few years now and is currently going through redevelopment. In the photos below, you can just make our the red letter of ‘Randalls’. Underneath this was where Del boy was stood selling his dogs.

Randalls Department Store (Now closed), Vine Street Uxbridge

Randalls Department Store (Now closed), Vine Street Uxbridge

Having spotted a policeman, and traditionally without his trader’s license, Del runs into the store. Del runs out the back entrance to Randalls Department Store shown in the images below.

The rear entrance comes out onto Cricket Field Road.

In the image above, the entrance has changed a little, but it between the white and blue cars.

Only Fools And Horses Filming Locations Healthy Competition

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