Don’t share the data, share the story

My takeaway from day two of #PulseEverywhere. “Don’t share the data, share the story” from Sarah Anderson’s session, “How I drive Adoption with Gainsight PX.”

In today’s businesses we have largely moved towards becoming ‘Data Driven Businesses’. Although this is certainly important, it is important to remember, data triggers emotion, and data needs to be understood in context.

Don't share the data, share the story
Fig 1. Sarah Anderson – “Don’t share data, share the story”

It is especially important when communicating with other teams within the business. Teams that maybe don’t understand what your team does, never mind the context of the data you are showing. Sarah’s top tips were:

  • Know your audience.
  • Educate your audience (without insult!).
  • The power of planting the seed.
  • Use visual clues.
  • Connect the dots.

Know your audience

Who are you presenting too? Do the people you are presenting too have experience of working in collaboration with a team like yours? Are they technically weighted or business weighted?

Educate your audience (without insult!)

Don’t make anyone feel stupid! Educate softly, and use examples that you are still learning too. Maybe learning their context.

The power of planting the seed

Nobody likes surprises. Plant seeds with relevant people, especially managers in advance. Give them the heads up and the time to digest if needed.

Use visual clues

Don’t overwhelm with data. Keep it simple, and clearer. If you need to show complex, ease into it.

Use visual clues
Fig 2. User visual clues.

Connect the dots

Pull the dots together between your story and your audience. The analogy Sarah gave… “Put the ball on the tee, but let them take the swing within their team.”

Fig 3. Connect the dots

Thank you Sarah. A great presentation follow by a great Q & A. Certainly my key takeaway of day two of Pulse 2020.

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