Where was The Longest Night Only Fools And Horses Filmed?

The Longest Night

The Longest Night first aired in September 1986. In the episode the Trotters are accused of shoplifting by one of the security guards. At first the believe they have been pulled into the manager’s office as they have won a prize, but soon realise they are being detained for shoplifting.

Not long after they have been pulled into the office, another shoplifting suspect is brought in by the name of ‘The Shadow’. Once in the office, ‘The Shadow’ pulls out a gun and tries to get into the safe only to find it is time locked.

It turns out that ‘The Shadow’, the shop manager and security guard are all working together to rob the supermarket. Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert were only pulled in so that there was some independent witnesses.

Just incase you haven’t watch it, I will leave it there.

The Longest Night, FIlming Location

The episode was largely filmed in BBC studios, London. However, the external and shop floor scenes were filmed inside the Co-Op Supermarket, Leytonstone. This stopped being a Co-Op Supermarket quite sometime ago and is now a Matalan as shown below. The door way is still very recognisable to how it was in the show.

Matalan, Leytonstone

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