In Sickness and in Health Filming Locations

In Sickness and in Health was the sequel to the BBC’s Til Death Us Do Part staring Warren Mitchell as bigoted and racist Alf Garnett. The series is focused on Alf and his wife Else until she passes away after series 1, in the low level flat in West Ham London.

In total the sitcom ran for six series as well as a number of Christmas Specials. In this post we take a look at some of the filming locations used.

Alf & Else Garnett’s West Ham Flat

Although in the sitcom the flat is set is West Ham, the external building and street used for filming the externals of Alf’s flat were filmed on Ingelow Road, Battersea.

The Grey Hound Tavern

The Greyhound Tavern which from Series 2 onwards appeared in the opening titles was Alf’s local. Although the story line dictates it being in West Ham, the pub used for the exteriors was located just a short drive from BBC Studios at Shepard’s Bush. Located on Becklow Road, London.

Unfortunately the pub closed in 2017 however much of the original features remain very recognisable.

Series 1 Episode 2

In this episode we see Alf taking Else for a walk and getting and ice cream. During the walk they walk past this lovely church. This is St Stephens Church in Ealing.

Series 1 Episode 6

Having seen someone on a motorised wheelchair, Alf thinks its the perfect solution for Else. However, after realising how much they cost Alf has a better idea to adapt Else’s current wheelchair into motorised wheelchair by attaching a motor. Else is sceptical about taking it for a test drive, so Alf takes it for a test. During which we see him flying past a church and causing a car accident.

This was filmed on Delamere Road, Ealing with the car accident filmed on the junction outside All Saints Church.

Series 5 Episode 3

In this episode we see Alf walking to the Job Centre (which is now been redeveloped as a Travelodge). As shown below we see Alf walking in from of Arding & Hobbs (Clapham Junction) and in front of the Queensway Shopping precinct (now a Wetherspoons) shown below.

Series 5 Episode 4

Having been convinced to take on a Window Round we see Alf pick up his bike , bucket and ladders from Number 59 Ravensworth Road. Just where it joins Number 1 Purves Road.

We then see Alf lose control of the ladder on his bike and push an unsuspecting member of the public into number 53 Waldo Road.

Series 5 Episode 8

Alf and all of his friends go on a bus trip in this episode. Alf originally tries to get on the bus outside the Beehive pub. This was filmed on Bartholomew Street, London as shown below.

We then see the bus making a pit stop at the public toilets. This was filmed at Bishops Park, Putney, London. With the bus parked outside the park on the corner of Stevenage Road.

In Sickness and in Health Filming Locations

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