Gimme Gimme Gimme Filming Locations

Gimme Gimme Gimme was a BBC sitcom starring Kathy Burke (Linda) and James Dreyfus (Tom). The show ran for three series, originally broadcast between 1999 – 2001. The program focused around the lives of Linda and Tom who shared a flat in a Kentish townhouse. They occupied the ground floor flat, with Beryl their landlady taking the first floor flat, and Jez and Suze occupying the basement flat. Here are the Gimme Gimme Gimme Filming Locations.

Tom and Linda’s Flat

Tom and Linda’s flat is located in a townhouse at 69 Paradise Passage, Kentish Town, consequently as is Jez and Suze and Beryl’s flats.

The internal scenes of Tom and Linda’s Flat were filmed in Studio 2 at The London Studios, South Bank, in front of a studio audience. The exteriors of the building were filmed at 40 Warwick Road, within the Borough of Ealing.

Fig 1. Tom and Linda’s Flat – Front – 69 Paradise Passage

Fig 2. Linda and Tom’s Flat today (2020)

Although the building has undergone some work over the last few years is is very recognizable as Tom and Linda’s home. The window shape and front wall including the pillars with the name ‘Rectory House’ are still evident.

The rear of the same building was also used for external shots. These include in ‘Legs Co’ (Series 1, Episode 3) when Shirley threatened to jump of the roof.

Fig 3. The back of Tom and Linda’s Flat. (1999)
Fig 4. The back of Tom and Lina’s Flat (2020)

Other External Locations

Most other external locations were filmed in and around Warwick Road.

During the first episode Linda walks past a group of builders who she believes are whistling at her, however the whistles were not for her.

Fig 5. Linda (far right) walking to the shops.

Fig 6. The Castle Inn, St Mary’s Road, Ealing.

Filming took place on St Mary’s Road, Ealing outside ‘The Castle Inn’.

A little further down St Mary’s Road, was the bus stop Tom sat at talking with an elderly lady. (Series 1, Episode 2)

Fig 7. Tom (Right) heading to the bus stop. (1999)
Fig 8. Bus stop today, St Mary’s Road, Ealing (2020)

Linda walking Jez and Suze’s computer baby doll. (Series 2, Episode 1)

Fig 9. Linda walking baby doll – Warwick Road (1999)
Fig 10. Linda walking baby doll – Warwick Road (2020)

Following her woman on woman experience, Linda is determined to prove her sexuality. Subsequently, Linda walks down Warwick Road in desperate need to pull a man. (Series 2, Episode 5)

Fig 11. Linda corner of Warwick Road and Warwick Place (1999)

Fig 12. Linda corner of Warwick Road and Warwick Place (2020)

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