Get Back TV Series Filming Locations

Get Back was a 1990’s TV sitcom written by Laurence Mark and Maurice Gran. The sitcom follows the ups, and mainly downs of Martin Sweet (Ray Winstone) and his family; his wife Loretta Sweet (Carol Harrison), daughters Eleanor Sweet (Kate Winslet) and Joanna Sweet (Michelle Cattini), his father Bernie Sweet (John Bardon), brother Albert Sweet (Larry Lamb) and sister-in-law Prudence Sweet (Jane Booker). In this post, we track down some of the Get Back TV Series Filming Locations.

As with most British comedies of the 90s, the majority of the show was filmed in studios. However, a number of locations were frequently used when outside were shot. After many hours of searching, here are some of the key locations found so far.

St Johns Building’s Location – Bernie’s Flat

Probably the most recognizable external location from the program was the estate that housed Bernie’s flat. St John’s Buildings, where Bernie had a ground floor flat which he sublet to his son Martin when he fell onto hard times.
Well, St John’s Buildings, Finsbury Park as shown in the program doesn’t actually exist. Well, it does, just not by that name, nor in that location.

The flats have actually changed very little over the last 30 years apart from the windows being replaced to double glazed. Many of the flats still have their original wooden and glass doors.
The flats are located on Challoner Close, London N2 8NJ in East Finchley.

Get Back TV Series Filming Locations
Get Back TV Series Filming Locations

St John’s Social Club

Usually only seen from the inside, apart for the occasional glimpse is the St John’s Social Club. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly the building used for the external shots of the social club has been demolished and the land reused. A new block of apartments now stands on the site as shown below which can be found at: 3 Red Lion Hill, London N2 8ED

Locations Map

The below map is an overview of where the flat (Red Arrow) was in relation to the social club (Orange Arrow). The Green Arrow is where Martin and Albert meet in the opening scene of Series 1, Episode 1 to help get your bearings.

Get Back TV Series Filming Locations

Google Street View of Challoner Close

Other Get Back TV Series Filming Locations

In Series 2 Martin considers becoming a private detective and tests out his skills by following Albert.

These scenes were filmed on the High Street outside Ealing Broadway. (17 High Street, Ealing, London, W5 5DB)

Get Back TV Series Filming Locations

Locations still to find

The Original House

The exterior of the original house is only used in a couple of shots and the opening titles. I am yet to identify this location but suspect it is located on a private road in a London Suburb.

The Shop – le Style Anglais

The shop is only used in the first episode of series 1, however, it is often referred to throughout. I am yet to identify this location.

If you can help with any of these or any other locations from this show, please comment below or contact me.

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