Keeping Up Appearances Series 3 & 4 Filming Locations

In this post, we look at some of the Keeping Up Appearances Series 3 & 4 Filming Locations. You may also be interested in:

Series 3 Episode 2 – Iron Age Remains

In this episode Hyacinth and Richard go for a drive in the country. This was filmed near Roke in South Oxfordshire as shown below.

Keeping Up Appearances Series 3 & 4 Filming Locations

Series 3 Episode 3 – Violet’s Country Cottage

In this episode we see Hyacinth and Richard go on holiday to Violet’s Country Cottage. Where they get to know a couple of the neighbours quite well. A member of the Keeping Up Appearances Facebook Group found the filming location of this one. A cottage known today as ‘England’s Cottage in the village of Upper Harlestone was used as the filming location for Violet’s Country Cottage.

Series 3 Episode 4 – How to Go on Holiday Without Really Trying

In this episode Hyacinth and Richard visit their local travel agent. This was filmed on Regent Street, Leamington Spa. The travel agents has long since gone and it has been a charity shop for the majority of the time since filming. However, currently, it is a Nail Bar. The fish shop next door during filming is still there though!

In this episode, Richard and Hyacinth go for coffee in a local coffee shop. A visitor to this website, Katy, has identified the coffee shop used as the Rocking horse café in Kenilworth.

Series 3 Episode 5 – Richard’s New Hobby

Hyacinth towards Richard should make use of his retirement gift and start a new hobby with his video camera. She sends an unprepared Richard out to make his first film.

Emmet spots Richard hiding in a telephone box outside the local shops.

This was filmed on the High Street in Benson, Oxfordshire as discovered by Keeping Up Appearances QOTD. Unfortunately the telephone box as been removed, but the phone box was roughly where the black bin with the blue liner is in the street view image below.

Series 3 Episode 6 – The Art Exhibition

Rose and one of her gentleman friends leave The Heathcote Inn, Leamington Spa and accidently switch on the speaker and microphone unit in the van.

Keeping Up Appearances Series 3 & 4 Filming Locations

Series 3 Episode 7 – What to wear when yachting

Hyacinth wants to host a nautical super on a yacht, but as usual it does not go exactly as planned. This was filmed at the Benson Waterfront.

Series 4 Episode 1 – A Job For Richard

Hyacinth has a plan to get Richard a job as an Frostical Executive by demonstrating his helpfulness on the local golf course to impress Mr Millburn. As usual not all goes to plan.

The Golf Course scenes from this episode were filmed at Kenilworth Golf Club, Crewe Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2EA

Series 4 Episode 2 – Country Retreat

Hyacinth has her eyes on a nice little house for entertaining in the country. In the episode, Hyacinth and Richard visit Loveitts Estate Agents branch in Warwick. This was filmed on Market Street, Warwick. Unfortunately, this branch of Loveitss has since closed and is currently a Gallery as shown below. However Boots opposite is still open for business, albeit looking a bit more modern.

Following their visit to the estate agents, Hyacinth and Richard decide to visit Honeysuckle Cottage.
The location of the cottage used for filming is near The Boars Head Pub, Church Street, Hampton Lucy as shown below.

Series 4 Episode 4 – The Commodore

Hyacinth is at the station with Richard waiting for The Commodore to arrive. This was filmed at Leamington Spa Train Station.

However, The Commodore is nowhere to be seen and an announcement comes over the tannoy stating that trains are terminating at Middleton. Coming out of the station Richard comes out of the station to find his car clamped due to parking in the wrong place. Not to worry, the vicar is on hand to drive Hyacinth and Richard to Middleton station. Middleton station is in fact, Warwick station as shown below.

Series 4 Episode 5 – Looking at Properties

During this episode we see Hyacinth purchase a holiday flat in a country house known as Marston Hall. Two different locations were used for the filming of Marston Hall. For the gates and entrance to the Marston Hall, Honington Hall – Shipston-On-Stour, Warwickshire, CV36 5AA doubled as Marston Hall as shown below.

However, Honington Hall itself was not used to double as Marston Hall itself, instead Parham House in Parham Park, Storrington, Pulborough RH20 4HR was used for the building scenes as shown below.

Parham House, Pulborough

The below is a photo of Parham House today where the doors are now red as opposed to black during the time of filming.

The below aerial view shows the bridge where Elizabeth and Hyacinth get out of the car (screenshot above), it shows where Hyacinth roughly stood with the house in the background (screenshot above) and the house itself.

Whilst Hyacinth is out with Elizabeth looking at Marston House, Richard is collecting Daddy from the clutches of Leamington Spa Police Station.

More Filming Locations

Keeping Up Appearances Series 3 & 4 Filming Locations

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6 thoughts on “Keeping Up Appearances Series 3 & 4 Filming Locations”

  1. The petrol station scene in The Art Exhibition were Hyacinth, Richard, Liz and Emmett overhear Rose’s voice as the van drives by, takes place at the Leamington Spa Asda on Chesterton Rd.

    The scene at “Exclusive Kitchens” in Angel Gabriel Blue, took place at in-Toto kitchen showroom, I believe also in Leamington Spa.

  2. The location of the coffee shop you have been unable to identify is the Rocking horse cafe in Kenilworth, which is still there. I live in Kenilworth and recognised it straight away as looks exactly the same now as it did then.

  3. Great photos of then and now of how it was in filming, and how its now changed in some places. Could you tell me where the hall is that Hyacinth visited when she purchased a flat and Daddy nearly prejudiced the purchase.

    Also the hall they visited when they met up with the lord of the manor and bought a batch of home-made gooseberry wine in the auction, in which Hyacinth got so drunk played so wonderfully.

    Unless I have missed the article, could you please tell me where the country cottage – Honeysuckle Cottage I think in which Hyacinth and Richard spoke to a village yokel asked him for directions only to find the yokel they met earlier lived in a neighbouring cottage and he owned the key to Honeysuckle Cottage.

    Where was the street that H&R walked up and down several times when Hyacinth said there were new neighbours in the area and she wanted to make her presence known.

    The golf course please where they played a round of golf in order to get Richard a new job on retiring from the Council, and had the run in with the two bikers who had been offensive to them and Richard fell into the bunker after being frightened off by the big burly biker.


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