Keeping Up Appearances Series 5 Filming Locations

In this post, we look at some of the Keeping Up Appearances Series 5 Filming Locations. You may also be interested in:

Series 5 Episode 1

Hyacinth volunteers to help take some of the elderly folk on a day out to the beach with Richard and Elizabeth. This was filed on location at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

Over almost 30 years, some aspects have changed, whilst others are still very much recognisable. Such as the Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth staple sign in the background. Albeit with a fresh coat of paint.

Series 5 Episode 2

Hyacinth is determined to attend the Mayor’s Fancy Dress Ball. These scenes were filmed on the doorsteps of the Town Hall, Leamington Spa as shown below.

Keeping Up Appearances Series 5 Filming Locations

Series 5 Episode 9

Little to Richard’s knowledge Hyacinth has plans to take a potential new car for a test drive. Whilst out for a drive Richard finds himself navigated to Lancaster Jaguar, Northampton.

Whilst the car dealer is distracted on the phone Hyacinth encourages Richard to take the Rolls Royce they are looking at for a short drive. Once again, before he knows it, following Hyacinths directions, he is parked up in a posh hotel so Hyacinth can preteNd the Rolls Royce is theirs.

This was filmed at Walton Hall Hotel, Warwickshire.

More Filming Locations

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  1. Do you know the location in Bristol ? I’ve heard it was Bedmisnter, but can’t pin point it. Thank you.


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