Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations

Keeping up Appearances is a British Sitcom that originally aired on BBC 1 between 1990 and 1995. The show focused around Hyacinth Bucket and her Husband Richard, Hyacinth’s friends and family and neighbours Elizabeth and Emmet. The majority of the sitcom was filmed in BBC studio’s except for a few external locations and inside the church and church hall which were all filmed on location. Below we take a look at some of these Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations.

Hyacinth Bucket’s House Location

Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations
Hyacinth and Richard Bucket’s House

117 Heather Road, Binley Woods, Coventry CV3 2DB was used for the externals of the Bucket house. Now with added extension. The neighbouring house to the right was also used for the exteriors of Elizabeth’s and Emmet’s house.

Onslow and Daisy’s House FIlming Location

Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations
Series 1 Episode 1 – Onslow and Daisy’s House

The Second house from the left was used for the exteriors of Onslow and Daisy’s House. Now cleaned up a little.[4 Michell Cl, Coventry CV3 1DG]

Church and Church Hall Filming Locations

Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations
Christchurch Road, Northampton

Christ Church on Christchurch Road, Northampton was used for the exterior shots of the Church and Church Hall. The inside of both the Church and Church Hall were also used for filming in some. [Christchurch Rd, Northampton NN1 5LL].

Vicarage Location

The exteriors to the Vicarage were filmed at 3 Christchurch Road, next door to the Church and the Church Hall. [3 Christchurch Rd, Northampton NN1 5LL]

Aerial View of the Church, Church Hall and Vicarage

Keeping Up Appearances Church Location

More Keeping Up Appearances Locations:

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16 thoughts on “Keeping Up Appearances Filming Locations”

  1. The episode where Hyacinth’s dad is put on top of a wall and then ends up with his feet in the air was Brookland Road, Northampton

    • Dear Sheridan
      I hope you have been busy for making friends
      You’re mum and dad been so proud
      You’re father been drinking too much of it
      Love from
      Sarah Nixon

  2. weet iemand iets over de aflevering serie 3.
    dat ze op vakantie gaan
    hoe heet dat restaurant waar ze het servies aan het polijsten is.
    is dat quality seafood of iets anders ik zoek het adres er van
    als iemand kan helpen graag.

    [does anyone know anything about the episode series 3.
    that they go on holiday
    what is the name of that restaurant where she is polishing the crockery.
    is that quality seafood or something else I’m looking for the address of it
    if anyone can help please.]

    • As far as I can tell, the exterior shots in that sequence are on Regent Street, Leamington Spa. I believe the “Quality Seafood” window is at 49 Regent Street, and is a fishmonger’s shop called Regency Fish. Next door at 47 Regent Street is where the travel agent was in the show – now a Nail Salon. But the interior shots of the restaurant will be somewhere else, as the frontage of the fish shop is not wide enough to be a restaurant! Might possibly be two doors down at 53 Regent Street, which is now the “Carisma Tapas & Wine Bar”. Not certain, but entirely possible.

      • Thanks Eddy

        I believe the restaurant used for the inside shots was the Rocking Horse Cafe in Kenilworth

        Other locations are here -

  3. So interesting to see locations for Keeping up appearances. From 1941 – 1963 l lived at Binley woods. Woodlands rd and Heather rd and a few others were all rural lanes, surrounded by woodland and bomb craters from the last war. There were a few bungalows and houses and a resident gypsy caravan site. During my childhood the roads and pavements were built .l lived at 3 Woodlands rd. and the garden stretched to Heather rd. During the late 50s the land was sold and 4 houses were built, also the woodland at the back where a bungalow was put on Heather rd. There were 2 shops on Rugby rd. There is now a school in the area, where we once played in woodland.
    I returned to the area last year as l and family were staying at Coombe Abbey for my birthday. My old house was unrecognisable with extensions and forecourt.
    Thank you for the memories of a carefree childhood.

    • My mum (Monica 87) remembers my dad’s family living in 2 caravans nearby. My dad Victor Milne lived with his parents in one, and his sister Kath Todd in the other. Kath had her baby Ann (who is now in her 70s) while there. They were all originally planning to emigrate to Canada, but fortunately for Vics descendants (myself & 2 sisters in our 50s), that never happened. Mum watching an episode of Keeping Up Appearances last night prompted this Google search and hence found this post.
      How lovely thankyou 🙂

  4. I’m in the US and watched this on PBS I Absolutely loved it!! My father in law loved it we used to sit down and watch this every Saturday night over and over again thanks for a wonderful website. Oh and I own the DVD ‘s, L0L!

  5. Just love British sitcoms. I live in the U.S. I started watching Are You Being served after
    returning from Desert Storm. I’m presently watching Poirot on Brit Box. I think my
    accent is changing from all the British shows I watch.

  6. I love this series. We watched on PBS in the US on Saturday night. Now I have the complete series. Always happens to find out facts about it. Thank you


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