Three Up Two Down Filming Locations

Three Up, Two Down originally aired on the BBC between 1985 and 1989. The comedy focused on Angie and Nick Tyler who had a baby at the start of Season 1. Concerned about their ability to cope with the childcare needs, Nick’s dad Sam moves into their basement apartment along with Angie’s mum Daphne. In this post we look at some of the key Three Up Two Down Filming Locations.

Nick and Angie’s House Filming Location

By far the hardest location to track was the main house used in all series of the sitcom, that being the main Three Up, Two Down house. After a lot of research I was finally able to track this down and the filming location used for the external shots of the house was 2 Priory Road, in the Borough of Ealing, as shown below.

Three Up Two Down Filming Locations

Series 2 Episode 4 – It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll

During this episode Nick is asked to shoot Flash Leopards new album cover and Flash’s country mansion. This was filmed at Castle Ashby House, Northamptonshire. The still below from the episode shows the Avenue Gate entrance to Castle Ashby House.

On their way driving to Castle Ashby house we also see them driving through the village of Olney.

Series 2 Episode 5 – Winner Takes All

During this episode we see Daphne go to church. The church used for filming also took a lot of tracking down as it is not in London. The church used for the filming of the church scenes in this episode was All Saints Parish Church in Bedford as shown below.

A number of other locations in Bedford were also used in episode including the below where we see Daphne walking down the street after her church service. This was filmed on Iddesleigh Road, near to All Saints Parish Church.

The pub used in this episode was also in Bedford, just a few streets away from All Saints Parish Church. At the time of filming it was a Greene King pub known as The Bell. However it stopped being a pub many years ago. Currently it is a butchers but still recognisable of its original use including the bracket where the pub sign used to hang to the top left of the building still present today.

Series 2 Episode 6 – Ill Met by Candlelight

In this episode we see Giles propose to Daphne. This scene was filmed in Bedford Park, Bedford as shown below.

Series 3 Episode 1 – Four’s A Crowd

During the opening scenes of this episode we see Daphne outside Chiswick Police Station. This was in fact filmed outside Chiswick Police Station.

Series 3 Episode 7 – Life and Death

In this episode we see Sam visiting The Swan public house. The externals for these scenes were filmed at The Swan, Acton Ln, Chiswick, London. Just short distance from the filming location of the min house.

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