To The Manor Born Filming Locations

To the Manor Born is a British comedy sitcom created by the BBC between 1979 and 1981. It stars Penelope Keith (Audrey Fforbes-Hamilton and Peter Bowles (Richard Devere) and ran for a total of 21 episodes plus a one off special episode in 2007.

The sitcom focused around Grantleigh Manor estate which Audrey is forced to sell upon the death of her husband. It is bought by Richard Devere who moves in with his mum. Having to move our of Grantleigh Manor, Audrey purchases The Old Lodge, located on the estate, next door to Grantleigh Manor.

The majority of the external filming locations were filmed in and around Cricket St Thomas in Somerset.

Grantleigh Manor Filming Location

The Cricket House in Cricket St Thomas was used for all exterior shots and some interior shots of Grantleigh Manor.

To The Manor Born Filming Locations

Old Lodge, To The Manor Born Filming Location

The Old Lodge which is purchased by Audrey after she is forced to sell Grantleigh Manor gives the impression in the sitcom that is is just outside the drive to Granteligh Manor. In fact it is about a mile away but the producers wanted to give the impression it was much closer.

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