Only Fools and Horses Chain Gang Filming Locations

Chain Gang was the third Only Fools and Horses episode in series 6. The episode was first broadcast in January 1989. Below are some of the Only Fools and Horses Chain Gang Filming Locations.

The One Eleven Club

In the episode Del meets a retired jeweler called Arnie who offers to do a deal with Del for some 18 carat Gold Chains. They meet in The One Eleven Club and then meet again in the car park of the club to discuss the deal. The below shows Del leaving The One Eleven Club and heading to meet Arnie in the back of the car park.

Only Fools and Horses Chain Gang Filming Locations
Fig 2. The One Eleven Club

The above is ‘Arnos Manor Hotel’ Bristol, rear entrance. This was used for the external shots of The One Eleven Club in this episode.

Del and his consortium

Del puts together a consortium to purchase the gold chains from Arnie. In what seems a twist of fate, Arnie has a buyer for the gold chains after he has sold them to Del and his consortium.

Arnie offers to meet his buyer and sell the chains on behalf of Del and his consortium. The meeting takes place in the restaurant shown below. With Del and Boycie sitting at the back of the restaurant, and with Trigger, Mike, Rodney and Uncle Albert parked on the street outside.

Only Fools and Horses Chain Gang Filming Locations
Fig 1. Restaurant where Arnie fakes his heart attack.

The restaurant used is no longer in business, however the location is easily identifiable today. Currently it is occupied by London Host Familes Ltd, located on The Grove, Ealing.

During the meeting Arnie fakes a heart attack and it soon becomes clear that Arnie is not an ill man, but a conman.

More locations

If you know of any more locations from this episode, please comment below.

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