2.4 Children Filming Locations

2.4 Children was a BBC Comedy sitcom that originally aired between 1991 and 1999. In this blog post we take a look at some of the 2.4 Children Filming Locations.

The sitcom focused on the Porter family. In total 56 episodes were recorded. No further episodes were made due to the unexpected death of Gary Olsen (Ben Porter).

In the sitcom Bill, Ben, and their children Jenny and David lived at 142 Chepstow Road, Cheswick. For the original 5 series, the exteriors of their house were filmed at 142 Duke Road Cheswick as seen below, however for series 6 on wards this was changed.

2.4 Children Filming Locations

2.4 Children Filming Locations

Fig 1. 2.4 Children Porters House – Series 1 – 5

Above shows 142 Duke Road, Cheswick as it is today. Not much has changed apart from the front door and front wall.

In the sitcom Bill’s best friend Rona Harris lives opposite the Porter’s house. The external filming location for Rona’s house was also filmed on Duke Road, outside number 121 which is almost directly opposite.

2.4 Children Filming Locations
Fig 2. Rona Harris house in 2.4. Children

The above show’s Rona’s house as it is today. Almost identical with the exception of a different colour front door.

External Location Changes

From Series 6 onwards, the exterior shots for the Porter’s and Rona’s houses was moved to Meon Road, Acton. No reason was given for the change but likely to be due to residents asking for filming to be stopped on their house/street. [See comments below]

Internal Locations

In addition, the internal shots of the houses and most internal locations were filmed at BBC Television Centre, London.

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  1. According to creator Andrew Marshall on “Don’t Slam Your Podcast” S6E2, because there was a primary school at the end of Duke Road and filming was getting interrupted as parents and children kept needing to go past, they eventually moved things over to Meon Road.


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