What Search Engines are powered by Bing?

Bing is often overlooked when it comes to people wanting to grow their website traffic. However, in most countries across the world Bing (or Yahoo, powered by Bing) holds the second spot for the most used search engine after Google.

This website alone gets many visitors that come through Bing or Bing’s Search Results. Although admittedly the volume is lower than that of Google, it is still significant. Additionally, from experience with sales websites, Bing visitors tend to stay longer and convert better than Google visitors.

Why do some people use Bing over Google?

There are a multitude of reasons, from personal preference to the default search engine on a browser or device. Windows machines typically come with Edge as the ‘default’ browser with ‘Bing’ as the default search engine. Older windows machines typically have Internet Explorer as the ‘default’ browser with ‘Bing’ once again as the default search engine. While Antivirus providers often direct you to use their own approved search engine, often Yahoo/Bing, or one branded their own which uses Google or Bing.

Which raises another point. Many people use other search engines like those listed below, that although branded as independent Search Engines, actually use Bing for their search results.

What Search Engines are powered by Bing?

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but highlights some of the most popular alternative search engines that are powered by Bing. Subsequently, by adding your website to Bing (which is Free) you add your website to all of these additional places.

List your website on Bing

You can add your website to Bing for free via Bing Webmaster Tools. Click here for a step-by-step guide to add your website to Bing.

What Search Engines are powered by Bing? Finally, if you know of any other Search Engines that use Bing for their results, please comment below.

Any questions or queries, please comment below.

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