Search Engine for Academic Papers

Search Engine for Academic Papers and Journals

Search through hundreds of different sources of Academic Papers, Research, and Journals with this Academic Search Engine. Each search made looks at hundreds of sources, examples of which are listed below. Therefore, saving you precious research time by covering all the key sources from one search box. In other words, a one-stop-shop for searching for academic references.

How does it work this Academic Search Engine work?

This free academic search engine is powered by Google. The key difference however is it will only search a list of vetted sources of academic papers. This way, rather than your search pages filling up with unrelated blog posts or online shops, the search results displayed come from a key list of authentic sources. Reducing the clutter and saving you vital time.

Great sources of Academic Papers, Research, and Journals

What type of sites does this search engine use?

The list covers hundreds of sources of academic sources and databases. Here is a small selection of some of the databases and websites it checks.

How do you find this Search Engine?

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