Budget Tracker: Strive to become Debt Free in 2022

2021 has certainly been a challenging year. We all hope that 2022 will be better. Could 2022 also be the year that you take control of your finances? Scroll below to download a free Budget Tracker: Strive to become Debt Free in 2022.

Debt Free

In my younger days I used to be terrible at money management. However in my later 20’s I turned this around by setting spending budgets and reducing my bills. I created a simple but effective budget tracker to do this which you can download below. The tracker allowed me to budget and check my spending on a monthly basis as well as giving me cumulative totals for the year. Instead of spending I became motivated by saving.

For me, I was never one for big purchases, (they scared me). It was more spending a little and spending it way to often. Ever heard the phrase, “It only takes a small hole to sink a big ship”. This was a very accurate description of me in my younger days. I now have a totally different take on money and one of the things that got me there was using my tracker almost daily. It allowed me to see in detail where my money was going and how I could make changes.

Budget Tracker: Strive to become Debt Free in 2022
Budget Tracker: Strive to become Debt Free in 2021

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Debt Management

If you are in an unmanageable amount of debt speak to charities like Step Change or Citizens Advice Bureau for free and impartial advice.

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