Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager allows you to manage multiple remote desktop connections through a single tool. Microsoft discontinued RDCman in early 2020 due to a security bug that it had identified. In its place, Microsoft now recommends users of RDCMan switch to using Microsoft Terminal Services Client (MSTSC). Over the years RDCMan has been one of the best tools I have used to manage remote connections.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7
Fig 1 Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7

RDCMan is a standalone tool that was first available in the end part of the 2000’s. The tool was originally built for internal use by the Windows Live Experience Team. After an internal tool review however, it was released to the public. The tool quickly gained traction with system administrators and IT professionals.

Retirement of Remote Desktop Connection Manager

During the subsequent years since it’s release, RDC has received a number updates. It’s last update was 6 years ago in 2014 when Microsoft released version 2.7. In early 2020 however, a security bug was identified with RDCMan. In response to the security bug, Microsoft retired RDCMan. With the last release being in 2014, this did not come as a surprise.

“To exploit the vulnerability, an attacker could create an RDG file containing specially crafted XML content and convince an authenticated user to open the file.”

Microsoft 2020.

Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7

Due to the security bug identified in 2020, Microsoft removed the tool from their website.

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Alternative Tools

Microsoft now recommends MSTSC in place of RDCMan. If you have found a better alternative, please comment below.

Finally, if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch.

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