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Whether you are looking to get a first foot into employment or take the next step up the career ladder, it is almost a given that you will need a new or updated CV. A CV is your opportunity to sell yourself, tell a potential employer why they should hire you, and showcase your skillset and experience. However, if writing is not your strong point, you should consider a CV Writing Service, and here’s why?

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Why use a CV Writing Service?

A professionally written CV can really help your application stand out in an ever-competitive world. A CV writing professional will help present your experience, qualifications, and experience in an employer-friendly format. They will ensure that your CV grabs the recruiter’s attention quickly, this is to ensure you stand out on the first scan of your application.

If you have applied for many jobs without success, contact a CV Writing Professional and ask for their input on your current CV before investing in a new one. Shop around for a CV review first (some companies offer this service for free). Get tips and pointers on how your CV can be improved.

It might be that you are happily employed but going for that next role in your career. If there is a particular vacancy you are going for… You get one chance! So for this type of application, at the very least you should get your CV reviewed by a professional, if not written by one.

Where to find a CV Professional?

My advice here would be, shop around. A quick Google will find many, as will a search on freelancer sites such as Fiverr, or even eBay. Where ever you find a professional, do your research. Freelance sites and eBay will publish reviews and ratings from previous customers. If you are considering going direct to a professional through their website, search for feedback on the first.

If there is a particular role, in particular, you are after, ensure whoever you use, tailors your CV as much as possible to that role.

Finally, I would love to get your thoughts on this post, please comment below.

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