How to improve user adoption through Customer Success?

The success of many businesses is largely dependent on how well their product is adopted. Often companies, particularly Account Manager’s will engage with key stakeholders and key decision-makers. But not necessarily the end-users.

This is often a result of business legacy. A relationship was made with the key stakeholders and decision-makers during the sales process. This is where the heart of the B2B relationship evolved.

Customer Success Playbooks to Improve User Adoption

Part of a Customer Success Manager’s role is to build relationships with key stakeholders and support them to get the maximum return from the investment from your product. Often, a key way to maximize their return on investment is to ensure that they have good user adoption.

User adoption is most likely a key metric that you are tracking. If it is not, it most likely should be! Tools like CustomerSuccessBox make it easy to track user adoption, but even scanning through the raw data will give you an insight into how well users are adopting and utilizing your product.

These metrics can then be used to trigger playbooks to support a customer to improve their end-user adoption.

CustomerSuccessBox uses playbooks and journeys extensively to drive user adoption. A user’s first experience of a product drives their future product behaviour. CustomerSuccessBox incorporates an Onboarding playbook where once a customer is onboarded they are taken through a series of steps to ensure they achieve early success.

CustomerSuccessBox also utilizes AI to analyse product telemetry and customer behaviour. Through this analysis, CustomerSuccessBox can help you identify when specific action needs to be taken, in which accounts, to drive success.

How to improve user adoption through Customer Success?
How to improve user adoption through Customer Success?

How to improve user adoption through Customer Success? One To Many

As much as Customer Success Managers would love to speak with every end-user and be on hand to answer every question, it is simply not practical. Instead, we need to create One to Many resources as part of our playbooks to improve customer adoption.

These resources should fall into one of two categories:

  • Resources for the Project Lead to support them in driving better end-user adoption.
  • Resources for End Users to support their use of the product.

These can be in multiple formats and should be tailored for all product persona’s that you have identified in your user base. How you deliver these will very much depend on your product, but it could be in product, via email, or another delivery mechanism.

Tools such as CustomerSuccessBox can be configured to provide additional resources to customers who trigger risk alerts. For example, a customer who does not complete the onboarding playbook might be at risk of churning. By providing them with additional resources, or triggering direct engagement might improve that customer’s adoption.

Review and Tailor

Unless you are a genius, your user adoption playbooks and resources are unlikely to be perfect on your first attempt. As much as you might be tempted to wait until you have perfect tried and tested resources, I would recommend you create your best effort, get them reviewed internally, and then get your resources out there. Once out there, measure the impact, gather feedback and continue to iterate until you reach an optimum level that you are happy with.

Not only will this type of strategy improve user adoption, but your customers will also likely thank you for truly supporting them and their users throughout their lifecycle and not just during onboarding.

Thanks for reading, How to improve user adoption through Customer Success?

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