NET-SEAL Animations

In the early stages of my degree, the NET-SEAL animations project by Dr. Emad Aboelela was a great asset to help in my understanding.

The Net-Seal animations are a series of easy to understand visuals to help a student understand different types of computer networks and components.

Animations list

  1. No Network
  2. Hub
  3. Switch
  4. Switched Network With No Server
  5. Switched Network With Server
  6. Adding Switches
  7. The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  8. ARP with Multiple Networks
  9. DHCP
  10. Routing
  11. IP Subnets
  12. TCP Connections
  13. TCP Multiplexing
  14. TCP Buffering and Sequencing
  15. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  16. IP Fragmentation
  17. Switch Congestion
  18. TCP Flow Control
  19. Internet Access
  20. Email Protocols
  21. Wireless Network and Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
  22. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  23. Public Key Encryption
  24. Firewalls
  25. Stop-and-Wait ARQ
  26. Go-Back-N ARQ
  27. Selective Repeat ARQ
  28. The OSI model
  29. Peer-to-peer (P2P) Computer Network
  30. Ad-Hoc Network
NET-SEAL Animations

Additionally, if you know of any other great resources to learn networking, please comment below.

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