One Foot In The Grave Filming Locations

In a previous post I covered the filming locations of the homes of Victor Meldrew. Due to the popularity of that post, this post takes a look at some of the other One Foot in the Grave filming locations.

Victor meets Mrs Warboys – Series 1 Episode 3

Victor bumps in Mrs Warboys to find she is carrying a hand grenade to protect herself. She claims it is completely safe but Victor remains unconvinced and throws the grenade over the fence onto a local bowling green.

This was filmed on Grand Avenue, Southbourne, Bournemouth. The shops might have changed over the years but the location is still very recognizable.

Victor works as a Hotel Porter – Series 3 Episode 6

During the episode Victor takes on a job as a Hotel Porter at a local hotel.

The hotel used for filming this episode was The Norfolk Royale Hotel, Bournemouth.

Victor gets pulled by police – Series 1 Episode 1

In the first episode Victor experiences some car trouble. Whilst stopping to ask a lady at the side of the road for help, he gets pulled by the police for curb crawling.

One Foot In The Grave Filming Locations

The scene was filmed outside the now close The Talbot pub located on Wimborne Road, Bournemouth.

One Foot In The Grave Filming Locations

Victor gets knocked over – Series 6 Episode 6


This scene was filmed on Shawford Road in Hampshire, just outside Shawford station.

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