Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em Filming Locations

In this post we take a look at some of the Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em Filming Locations.

Frank’s Interview at Lewis & Co – Series 1 Episode 1

During the first episode of series 1, Frank goes for an interview at Lewis & Co. Needless to say Frank left without getting the job. The external shots of the shop and the window scene were filmed on High Street, Herne Bay. These days the shop has moved on but the location is still very recognizable.

Today the building is occupied by Busy B’s as shown in the interactive Google Map below.

Frank & Betty’s Hotel Stay – Series 1 Episode 4

During the episode called, ‘Have a break take a husband’, Frank and Bettt for and stay at the Carlton Hotel.

The exteriors for the hotel were filmed at The Carlton Hotel on Central Parade, Herne Bay. Unfortunately, whilst the building is still there, the hotel itself has since closed.

Train Station – Series 1 Episode 4

During the same episode, Frank and Betty are seen arriving by train and walking out of the train station. This was also filmed at Herne Bay.

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em Filming Locations

Series 3 Episode 1 Moving House

Frank and Betty are moving house, but as usual, Frank’s desire to be helpful is anything but.

During the episode we see Frank and Betty moving house, with Frank in the back of the removal van. The van travels across the twin river bridges in Oakley, Bedfordshire before we see all the contents fall out of the van and Frank thrown into a drum of tar.

The scene where Frank falls out of the lorry and into a drum of tar with his homely possessions scattered across the road was filmed outside 21 Lower Farm Rd, Broham, Bedford MK43 8JB. This location was identified by one of our visitors (Glyn) who’s dad used to live in the house which it was filmed outside. (How cool is that! )

If you know of any other locations from this comedy, please comment below.

8 thoughts on “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em Filming Locations”

  1. A few episodes were also filmed at Crawford’s hometown on the Isle of Sheppey. With the 1975 Christmas special being filmed on the Kings ferry bridge.

  2. Series 1 eposide 1. Bettys mothers house, as shown in aerial opening sequence is number 2 Hemlock Road, London, W12 0QR.

  3. Hi James. I believe quite a few bits were filmed in and around Bedford, the town I live. I know for certain in the episode “Moving House” was filmed locally to me as it was my Uncles removal lorry (Farmers) which they used in filming. During the episode when he was in the back of the lorry and they tried to catch up with Betty it went over the twin river bridges in Oakley, Beds and subsequently when he fell out of the lorry into the tar, this was in Lower Farm Road, Bromham, Beds. The tar was on the front grass of 21 Lower Farm Road. I know this as my Dad lived there!! We watched the filming from the upper bedroom and Michael even used the bath in the house to have a wash afterwards!!! He happily signed autographs before leaving. We also got Babar Bhatti autograph and Michele Dotrice’s after we got taken to her large motorhome she stayed in by one of the crew. I even once paused the episode and when Babar approaches him in the tar, and I think you might just be able to recognise people looking out of the bedroom window in the distance!!

    • That is amazing! So lovely to hear he is as nice in real life as he comes across on TV. Many thanks for sharing. I have updated the post to include this location.


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