Open All Hours Filming Locations

In this post, we take a look at some of the iconic BBC Open All Hours Filming Locations. Most of the same locations were used in the sequel comedy Still Open All Hours.

Open All Hours is up there as one of the great British comedies. In recent years it has been revived with Granville now at the helm of Arkwrights.

Arkwright’s Shop Filming Location

The external location of Arkwright’s Shop is Lister Avenue, Balby, South Yorkshire. The same location was used for both the original Open All Hours and the later sequel Still Open All Hours.

Open All Hours Filming Locations
Arkwright’s Shop – Open All Hours

Nurse Gladys Home

In the original series number 34 Lister Avenue opposite the shop was used as the home of Nurse Gladys. However, from series 2 until the present day, number 32 was used instead.

Nurse Gladys Home

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