Reduce food waste and save money

Every year the UK disposes of in excess of 7 million tonnes of excess food. Much of which has passed its ‘Best Before’ date but is perfectly good to still consume. Here is how you can help reduce food waste and save money.

Food items in the UK carry a ‘Use By’ date or a ‘Best Before’ date on the outer packaging. ‘Use By’ dates relate to food safety, food past its ‘Use By’ date should not be consumed. ‘Best Before’ dates relate to when the item is at its best, after this date the flavoring, texture etc may change but it is safe to eat. (Apply common sense).

Approved Food

Approved Food is a UK-based online retailer that specializes in selling food either close to its Best Before date or that has passed its Best Before date at discounted prices.

Reduce food waste and save money
Example of Daily Offer

The site’s stock changes daily as do its prices. They typically stock food products, pet products, toiletries,, and such items.

As well as selling individual items they also do daily deals like the one to the left from 22/06/2022, and mystery boxes for £1.

Delivery is £3 per box and a box is up to 25KG.

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Testing Out Approved Food

Having heard a lot about this site I thought I would try it out. I spent £28 on items and an additional £1 on a mystery box. I ordered on a Monday and the items were delivered on Wednesday. The image below shows what was included in my £29 order. The back row is largely 2 deep which is hard to see in the image.

Reduce food waste and save money

I have only opened a few items so far but all that I have has tasted perfectly normal. The RRP for all of this would have been over £70.

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