Where is Coronation Street filmed?

Since 2013 Coronation Street has been filmed on a purpose-built set at ITV Studios, Trafford Wharf Manchester. The external set is built to 9/10 scale, compared to the previous set used between 1982 and 2013 which was 7/10 in scale.

Coronation Street Filming Location – Trafford Wharf

The images below show some area views of the current Coronation Street external set and internal studio buildings.

The Coronation Street set is a closed set. You can get glimpses from surrounding streets as shown via the Google Streetview interactive map below. However, if you would like to truly explore the set of this beloved sitcom you can book a tour.

Coronation Street Set – 1982 – 2013

Previous to the set at Trafford Wharf, Granada Studio’s in Central Manchester was home of this iconic set. Built to 7/10 scale, this previous set was much smaller. This made filming a little more tricky, especially with the invention of HD TV’s.

However not only was the size of the set quite restrictive, there wasn’t room on the lot at Granada to allow for expansion. In 2010 conversations started to build a new larger set on a more spacious lot near the Imperial War Museum North.

The below images are aerials of the 1982 – 2013 set at Granada studios that has since been demolished.

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