List of AWS Cloudwatch metrics for EC2 and EBS

Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS are two of the oldest and most popular AWS Services. Below is a ‘List of AWS Cloudwatch metrics for EC2 and EBS’. Ensure to keep a watchful eye on these metrics to keep a healthy platform.

EC2 – Elastic Cloud Compute | Default Metrics

Metric ClassificationMetric Name
Per-Instance MetricsCPUCreditUsage
Per-Instance MetricsCPUCreditBalance
Per-Instance MetricsCPUSurplusCreditBalance
Per-Instance MetricsCPUSurplusCreditsChanged
Per-Instance MetricsNetworkPacketsIn
Per-Instance MetricsNetworkPacketsOut
Per-Instance MetricsCPUUtilization
Per-Instance MetricsNetworkIn
Per-Instance MetricsNetworkOut
Per-Instance MetricsDiskReadBytes
Per-Instance MetricsDiskWriteBytes
Per-Instance MetricsDiskReadOps
Per-Instance MetricsDiskWriteOps
Per-Instance MetricsMetadataNoToken
Per-Instance MetricsStatusCheckFailed_System
Per-Instance MetricsStatusCheckFailed_Instance
Per-Instance MetricsStatusCheckFailed


Metric ClassificationMetric Name
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeWriteBytes
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeTotalWriteTime
Per-Volume MetricsBurstBalance
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeReadOps
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeWriteOps
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeIdleTime
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeQueueLength
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeReadBytes
Per-Volume MetricsVolumeTotalReadTime

List of AWS Cloudwatch metrics for EC2 and EBS

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