Just Good Friends Filming Locations

Just Good Friends is a British television sitcom that aired from 1983 to 1986. Created by the legend that is John Sullivan. The series revolves around the lives of Vince Pinner, portrayed by Paul Nicholas, and Penny Warrender, played by Jan Francis, his former fiancée who he left stranded at the church on the day of their wedding.

It will well referenced that most filming locations used for Just Good Friends outside of the studio were in and around Southend. For the ones I have currently located, it is highly likely that they are also in or around the same area.

Locations Found

Warrender’s Household

The Werrender’s House seen throughout Series 1 – 3 is located on Daines Way, Thorpe Bay in Southend. During the 1984 Christmas Special Movie another house was used as their previous home.

The Shepard & Dog

Appearing in a few episodes was this quaint pub as shown in the images below. The location used for these scenes was The Shepard & Dog, Gore Rd, Ballards Gore, Rochford SS4 2DA. Whilst it has changed somewhat over the years, it is still recognisable and its 15 minutes of fame is well known by the long term regulars that frequent the pub.

The Church

In the movie, the 1984 Christmas Special, we step back in time to when Vince and Penny first meet. We also see the church that was supposed to be their wedding venue.

Despite the church sign in the episode saying the name St Peters, the name of the church was actually St Nicholas’s. Located on Common Road, Great Wakering.

The Ice Cream Park

Again in the movie we see Penny and Caroline go for a walk in the park. Whilst talking about Vince they stumble upon him in his ice cream van.

These scenes were filed at Southchurch Park in Southend On Sea.

Fielding’s Restaurant – Series 2 Episode 3

Fielding’s Vegetarian Restaurant was filmed on The Broadway, Thorpe Bay. Whilst the restaurant is long gone it is now a Home Made Bakery (162 The Broadway Thorpe Bay Broad Way).

To Be Located

Steak Bar – Series 1 Episode 1

Vince and Penny bump into each other in a pub with a restaurant (Steak Bar) upstairs.

The Weir – Series 2 Episode 3

At the start of this episode we see Penny and Vince rowing on what looks like a river. In the background there is a pub called The Weir. After rowing across the lake we also see Penny and Vince visit the pub. Does anyone recognise this location?

The Huntsman & Hounds – Series 2 Episode 2

This pub appears in Series 2 Episode 2. There is a pub by the same name not too far away from the other locations near Chelmsford, however I am unable to confirm if this is the same venue.

Eddie Brown Turf Accountants – Series 1 Episode 7

During the episode Vince comes out of his job as Assistant Manager at Eddie Brown Turd Accountants to be approached by police about Penny and his apartment being broken into. Does anyone recognise this location?

Old Warrender’s Household

In the film, a different location is used as the Warrender’s household. Likely in or near to Southend on Sea.

Kings Arms

From the movie, we see Les Pinner try and track down Vince who has not turned up at the church. We see him come out of this pub below, signposted Kings Arms.

Biker Venue

In the movie Penny and Vince attending a Bikers Party. The inside scenes were filmed in High Society on Southend Esplanade. However, a different location was used for the external shots.

The Royal National Insurance Company

In the movie we see Penny working at The Royal National Insurance Company. The below images are from both inside and outside the location. Does anyone recognise where this is? Likely to be in Southend or surrounding area.

Other Various Locations

The below are some other locations that pop up during the series. Do you recognise any of these?

If you know of any of the locations not currently identified above, or any others from either the series or movie please comment below.

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