Birds of a Feather filming locations

Birds of a Feather was originally broadcast on BBC One between 1989 and 1998. The sitcom has recently made a comeback on ITV. In the original series the show was based in Chigwell, Essex, or so we were lead to believe. But where in fact were the original Birds of a Feather filming locations?

Dalentrace Filming Location

Birds of a Feather filming locations

Dalentrace was the original home of Tracey and Darryl Stubbs in Chigwell, Essex. However, the actual filming location for the exterior shots of their home were filmed at the residence shown below, Camp Road, Gerrads Cross Buckinghamshire. The house has barely changed over the years except with the addition of a loft conversion.

Camp Road is a private road so you will not find it available on Google Street View, nor will you be able to visit the location.

Birds of a feather filming locations
Dalentrace and Dorien Green’s House – Camp Road, Gerrads Cross, Buckinghamshire

Dorien Green’s Residence

Birds of a Feather filming locations

You have probably already spotted the residence used for the external shots of Dorien Green’s house in the image above. In the show you are led to believe through some clever filming shots that the residence is next door to Dalentrace. However, as you can see, it is actually three houses across. Possibly because the house was a bit grander to better represent Dorien or possibly due to filming restrictions.

Chigwell High Street Filming Locations

Throughout the original series Pinner, Harrow, doubled as Chigwell High Street in many episodes. Here are a few key locations from Pinner.

Studio Lundquist – Kitchen Designer

Studio Lundquist was the workplace of Dorien’s younger boyfriend Luke. It was featured in a number of episodes as was the pub next door.

Tracey Using The Cashpoint in Series 1 Epsiode 3

Midland Bank – Now HSBC 2 Love Lane, Pinner.

Sharon’s Cafe Filming Location

The external filming location for Sharon’s Cafe was literally a stones throw away from BBC Elstree Studios in Borehamwood. This is largely where the interior shots for the original run of the show were filmed.

Sharon’s Cafe – Now Domino’s Pizza Shenley Road, Borehamwood

Maidstone Prison

Finally, for now, Maidstone Prison was used for the exterior shots of Maidstone prison.

Series 4 Episode 10 – Sisters Are Doing It

In the episode we see Sharon and Dorien pretending they are Thelma and Louise, taking revenge of Tracy’s boss.

The location used for the pub was The Three Hammers in Mill Hill, a short drive from BBC Elstree Studios. The pub is still open today, the doorway has moved but otherwise very much still resembles the pub as it was during filming.

Series 12 Episode 1 – Knocking on Heaven’s Door

In this episode Sharon, Tracey and Dorien attend Daryl’s funeral at the St Wilfred’s Church in Chigwell. The church used however for filming is not St Wilfred’s Church in Chigwell as if you have looked up the church in Chigwell you will see it is vastly different.

The actual church used for filming the episode was the Parish Church of St Mary The Virgin in Essendon, Hertfordshire. The signs were simply covered over to double as St Wilfred’s Church.

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    • Hi, I think you are asking about the church used in Episode 1, Series 12 that was used for Daryl’s Funeral.
      If so, this was filmed at the Parish Church of St Mary The Virgin in Essendon, Hertfordshire

      I have updated this page to include location this at the bottom. Many thanks for contributing.

  1. Hi James.
    In a series 4 Episode called ‘Sisters are doing it’ , there is a big pub that Dorien & Sharon drive to when following Tracey’s boss.
    Are you able to work out what its called and where it is? In the exterior shots the signs are blurred and for some reason its bugging me!


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