Where is BBC Casualty filmed?

BBC Casualty is one of the longest-running dramatized soaps on UK TV. In fact, it is the longest-running emergency-focused soap in the world. It is based on the A & E department of the fictional hospital, Holby City Hospital. Holby City Hospital is set within the fictional City of Holby within the fictional county of Wyvern. So where is BBC Casualty filmed?

As of 2011 BBC Casualty if filmed at Roath Lock Studios, Cardiff Bay, South Wales. It is filmed on a custom-built set as shown below.

BBC Casualty on Google Earth

Where is BBC Casualty filmed
BBC Roath Studios Cardiff

Previous to the set moving to Cardiff in 2011, the show was filmed at BBC Studio’s, Bristol.

BBC Roath Studios is also the home of the Welsh soap Pobol y Cwm.

Is Holby City filmed at the same location as BBC Casualty?

Believe it or not, it is not. Holby City is filmed at BBC Elstree Studios. It is filmed in the same Studios as Eastenders. In fact, when you are watching external shots in Eastenders you can quite often see the Holby City Hospital tower block in the background.

Keep a watchful eye open next time you are watching Eastenders

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