Children’s Hospital Filming Locations

Children’s Ward was originally broadcast as a Children’s Drama on ITV’s Children’s section between 1989 and 2000. It was retitled as just ‘The Ward’ between 1995 and 1998.
It focused on the Children’s Ward of South Park Hospital.

Over it’s years the patients included many actors and actresses who went on to become well known. These include Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham, Ralf Little, Tina O’Brien and many others.

South Park Hospital – Children’s Ward Filming Location

The show was largely filmed at Bolton General Hospital in Greater Manchester. However, in the early series, Withington Hospital, South Manchester was used for the external shots as shown below.

Children's Hospital Filming Locations

Withington Hospital has since been rebuilt a little further down the street, however the original frontage of the building used for the external shots of South Park Hospital in the early series remains.

Other Children’s Ward Filming Locations

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