Kingdom Filming Locations

The Kingdom is a TV drama created for ITV starring Stephen Fry as a solicitor (Peter Kingdom) in the fictional Norfolk town of Market Shipborough. The market town of Swaffham largely doubled as Market Shipborough, however Swaffham is quite in land, so other areas were used such as Well-Next-The-Sea further North in Norfolk. Here is a closer look and the Kingdom Filming Locations.

Kingdom & Kingdom Solicitors

The home of Peter Kingdom and the offices of Kingdom & Kingdom solicitors, depicted as being located in a period building within Market Shipborough. Oakleigh House, in Swaffham was used for both internal and external scenes of the offices and residence.

Location: Oakleigh House,16 Market Place, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7QH

Here’s a picture from when I visited the location, mirroring the opening scene from Episode 1.

Kingdom Filming Locations

The Startled Duck

Also located in Swaffham is the pub used as The Startled Duck within the drama. However it’s real name at the time of filming and still to this day is, ‘The Greyhound Inn’.

Location: The Greyhound Inn, 97 Market Pl, Swaffham PE37 7AQ

The Kings Arms


Location: The Kings Arms,  21 Market Pl, Swaffham PE37 7LA

Harbour and Beach Scenes

Market Shipborough is depicted in the drama as being on coast. As Swaffham is quite inland for the coast, scenes and aerial shots like the one below, of coastal locations were taken largely in and around Well-Next-The-Sea. Other locations used also include Hunstanton and other coastal areas around Norfolk.

The image above is from episode 1 and depicts and arial view of Marker Shipborough. In actual fact this is Wells-Next-To-Sea and here is now it looks today.

2024 Photos

In March 2024 I visited Swaffham. Below are some of the photos I took that were used in filming Kingdom.

Kingdom Filming Locations

Thank you for reading. If you know of any other locations used in Kingdom. Please comment below or get in touch.

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