Only Fools & Horses Convention 2014

The Only Fools & Horses Convention 2014 was one of the best convention years. Held on the last Sunday of October at Watford Leisure Centre. The convention had one of the biggest list of cast.

Old Convention Format

The 2014 convention was one of the last conventions in the old format. £5 entry and no limits on entry. In that respect it was brilliant, but the 8-hour queue to meet the actors was by and large why the format of the event needed to change. With the actors signing autographs for nearly 12 hours with just a 30-minute break for lunch. It was not fair on them, but they remained until they had met everyone, which was brilliant of them. Especially when you think it was only £5 to meet 11 of the original cast members. What a bargain!

Personally that year we joined the queue to meet the actors at 11am and finally got to the front around 7pm. Although a long day, it was great. We watched the cast engaging with the public, met other fans, all while with episodes playing in the background.


2014 had a great number of cast as well as props from the show including the classic van.

  • Boycie – John Challis
  • Marlene – Sue Holderness
  • Cassandra – Gwyneth Strong
  • Raquel – Tessa Peake-Jones
  • Gary – Nabil Elouahabi
  • Lady Victoria – Sarah Duncan
  • Alan Perkins – Michael Fenton Stevens
  • Tony Angelino – Philip Pope
  • Denzil – Paul Barber
  • Jevon – Steven Woodcock
  • PC Parker – Jeff Stevenson

Format Change

The format of the convention has now changed. Tickets are limited which means they are a bit more expensive, but you get a much better experience and more time with the cast. If you have never been to a convention and you love Only Fools, I would 100 million percent recommend it.

Only Fools and Horses Convention 2014 – Photos

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