Free Gantt Chart Tool

There are many different ways to help keep your projects on track. One of the most popular project management tools is Gantt Charts. Put simply a Gantt Chart is a way to measure a project, its milestones, and dependencies. After trying several tools which support Gantt Chart’s I settled on this Free Gantt Chart Tool to help me with student projects.

The Gantt Project

The Gantt Project is a Free Desktop project management application with no cost involved. Simply download from Gantt Project, install and you are good to go. The only downside to this tool is that it runs on your machine as opposed to online. That being said, if you only need access to it through the same computer, then this is the program for you.

You can save the core files to the ‘Cloud’ though to ensure you never lose any work. The tool also allows you to export/import in both Excel and MS Project. Exports can also be made into PDF’s to be emailed to anyone without the relevant tools.

Free Gantt Chart Tool

Online Gantt Tools

If the project you are working on would benefit from an Online Gantt Tool there are a number available online. Some of these are free up to a certain level or a certain number of users. Alternatively, if you are looking for 100% free online version, you can create a Gantt Chart in Google Sheets and then invite others to collaborate.

If you know of another Free Gantt Chart Tool, please comment below.

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